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The traditions, legends and stories told in her father's town leaved a mark in Karla since she was a child, creating an imaginary where the poetic, the magical and the everyday life coexist in the same place.

This universe has been captured in her short films, Jacinta (2008) and La Noria (2012), made with the "stop motion" animation technique, short stories where the characters go through situations such as loss, loneliness and death, as a “rite of passage”.

Her work has led her to participate in numerous film festivals, achieving international recognition and awards such as those given by the Middle East International Film Festival, the Biarritz Amérique Latine Festival and the Morelia International Film Festival, as well as the distinction of being awarded twice with the Ariel Award given by the Mexican Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Karla is currently co-writing with Guillermo del Toro her first feature film, which will also be produced by the award-winning director. This year she will premiere her third short film Canción de noche, which closes the cycle of what she calls her “trilogy of death”.


2007 Jacinta
2012 La noria
2014 Félix, el coleccionista de miedos
2021 Canción de noche


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